Custom Field Enhancer Plugin Osclass

This is a must have plugin that enhance the custom fields in Osclass to an advanced level. The child parent relation between each custom field can be easily managed. Fields can be sorted/arranged by drag and drop by admin. Also helps to display the count of items having a particular attribute in search page. This increases user convenience by giving an overview of attributes before applying them in filter. Custom field translation feature is also available in latest version of Custom Field Enhancer(Advanced) plugin. Also you will be able to group the custom fields by giving headings to each group of custom fields.

Uses of Custom Field Enhancer Plugin

  • Helps to arrange each custom field in hierarchy(Parent child relation)
  • Child field options can be set according to each parent options.
  • Helps to show the count of items having each options.
  • Show/Hide options only if at least one item with that option is listed
  • Supports Drop Down, Check box and Radio Button
  • Field relations can be created even without any programming or coding knowledge.
  • Supports sorting custom fields in any order(New Feature-Available from Version 2.0.0 onwards).
  • Hide/Show custom fields according to the value selected for parent field. (New Feature-Available from Version 2.0.0 onwards)
  • Add custom headings to group custom fields. (New Feature-Available from Version 3.0.0 onwards)
  • Translate custom fields and options to different languages. (New Feature-Available from Version 4.0.0 onwards)

Features of Custom Field Enhancer Plugin

  • Easy to use drag and drop interface to set the relation between the fields
  • Corresponding options to be filled in child field can be set in relation with each parent option.
  • The count of items with a particular option can be viewed in search page. This gives an overview before applying the filter.
  • Helps to upgrade your website to the standard of global sites.
  • Can do the functionalities of multiple individual attributes plugin.
  • Very useful when the list of options to be populated is very huge.
  • Easy to use drag and drop sorting of fields in any order.

Example Scenario of Custom Field Enhancer Plugin

Suppose the site have a section to sell used mobile phones. There are 3 custom fields created for mobile phone category – Brand, Model, Body Color. Brand field is set as the parent. So the options displayed in the child field Model depends on the value selected for the parent field Brand. Eg:- If Apple is selected as the brand, then the Model fields will display the mobile models from Apple company.

The Child field here, ie Model is populated with mobile phone models sold by the particular brand. Here Apple was selected as brand. So only the models produced by apple company is displayed as Models. If some other company from Brand field was selected, then models of those companies would have been populated here.

Body color field is populated with the  available color options of the selected Model. Here Model is the parent field of Color. So the colors populated will depend on the Model selected.


How to use Custom Field Enhancer Plugin

  1. Download the plugin from Osclass admin dashboard > Plugins > Market.
  2. Install the downloaded plugin from Osclass admin dashboard > Plugins > Manage Plugin
  3. Create necessary custom fields from Dashboard > Listing > Custom Field
  4. Make the necessary configuration either by clicking configure button in Manage Plugin or Dashboard > Plugins > Custom Field Enhancer.
  5. In General Settings:Tick the Show item count check box if you need to show count of items under each option in search filter section.
  6. In General Settings:Tick the Show options with items if you need to show attribute options with one or more items belonging to that only.
  7. In Relation Settings drag and drop to form the hierarchical relation between each field.
  8. Click edit button for each field to get more field specific configuration options.
  9. In Edit Field Options : Specify a Default text to set the text message to user if no option is selected.
  10. In Edit Field Options : If you need to show some options that are to be shown independent of parent field selected option, then specify Generic options(comma separated)
  11. Provide the comma separated list of options to be displayed in current field against each parent option selected.