Multilanguage Custom Fields Plugin Osclass

Do you have a multilanguage Osclass installation and your users are complaining about your Custom Fields always being shown only in one of your languages? This plugin will solve that problem, providing full translations for any type of Custom Field in any page where they might be used (posting/editing, Ad view, Search filters).

Very easy to setup, just install the plugin, set your translations and you’re good to go* (click on Configure to see a Help page).

* Detected a couple of themes with a non-standard structure on Ad View. If you couldn’t see there your Custom fields properly translated, see Help page (“Special cases requiring theme modification”).

As an added bonus, Custom Fields of type DROPDOWN (or RADIO converted to dropdown -search filters) will include a neutral option (Choose an Option) instead of having its first real option preselected.

And you even can include standalone Custom Fields values on any place where an ad is active (like Search lists) using a special function included with the plugin (please take into account that you need to modify your theme for this feature to work and there’s absolutely no guarantee of free support in building customized code adapted to your website).


– This plugin manages translations of standard Custom Fields, nothing to do with Custom Attributes plugin.

– This plugin IS NOT compatible with Custom Field Enhancer plugin.