Tatiana Osclass theme free

Tatiana is a premium theme which is available to download for free. It comes with smart functions that give users the best experience possible. With the Tatiana theme, you ensure an eye-catching design for your classified site. It has the following features:

  • Smart category selection: Despite showing needless subcategories, the theme only shows the important category to a visitor. According to a report, 99% of visitors only look for a particular category on a website.
  • Social share options: Although most of the themes have the option of social share, the Tatiana Osclass theme gives you an edge over others. It gives you interactive social share buttons to attract more users and give them an immersive experience.
  • Smart Search Sidebar: With this feature, a website will list out regions and cities in a particular country. In case, a nation, region, or city, does not has listings, it will stay hidden from the visitor. Also, if a user clicks on a parent or child category, all subcategories will be hidden for better view.
  • Non-registered users: For leaving a quick comment or feedback on a post, a user has to enter a few details like email and phone number, etc. But that’s the case with this theme. Now, an unregistered user can enter his/her phone number given on the listing’s webpage.

Other Features:

  • Smart search sidebar
  • Language bar describing flags of every country
  • Facebook Connect plugin.
  • A new ‘grid view’ in searching
  • A new footer with better eye-catching design